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Broadcasting were:
Rebecca Beinart, Annabelle Craven-Jones, Patrick Coyle, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Candice Jacobs, Sam Mercer, Kolanchoe, Samuel Rodgers, Erica Scourti, NaoKo TakeHashi

A new series of broadcasts developed through conversation and experimentation in PRIMARY House (Nottingham) in partnership with Near Now (Broadway,Nottingham), a road trip touring tunnels, rocks and television masts in a hired family car and the desktops of the viewer's computers.

The broadcasts were received through the downloadable Caddy Life Software. Once installed the software sat quietly on the viewers desktop, waiting. When an artist made a broadcast it went 'Ping' and displayed the video directly on the screen.


Screenshot from Kolonchoe's broadcast.

Kolanchoe's Broadcast being received

Candice Jacobs' Broadcast filling the screen

Patrick Coyle with his iphone in Victoria Park

Patrick Coyle's broadcast being received

Screenshot from Matthew De Kersaint Giraudeau's broadcast

Screenshot from Rebecca Beinhart's broadcast

Screenshot from Erica Scourti's Broadcast

Screenshot with Broadcasts from Annabele Craven Jones and Erica Scourti

Caddy Life meets Great British Bake Off

Screenshot from Naoko TakeHashi's broadcast

Screenshot from Samuel Mercer's broadcast

Screenshot from Samuel Rodgers' broadcast