Broadcasting: Bram Thomas Arnold, Sarah Bowker-Jones, Dan Coopey, Hamilton and St Amand, Steve Rowell of Office of Experiments, Matthew Tickle and Dan Walwin

A broadcast project in collaboration with Bournemouth University’s EMERGE Research Lab, in which we looked west, inviting seven artists to create new works for broadcast at sunset. This familiar, and valuable currency in landscape art, tourist iconography and advertising, was re-examined through the prism of twenty-first century technology. Taking the role of the artist en plein air and heading west in search of remote environs, new technologies became intertwined with the traditions of the European Romantics, carrying sketchbook and easel, hunting out the picturesque…


Bram Thomas Arnold
20:49 02/08/11
Start Point, Devon
Sarah Bowker Jones
20:55 25/07/11
Uphill, Somerset
Dan Coopey
20:47 29/07/2011
Coaley Peak, Gloucestershire
Hamilton & St Amand
20:06 EDT 31/07/2011
Wakefield, Quebec
Steve Rowell
20:13 EDT 28/07/2011
Washington DC
Matthew Tickle
21:01 24/07/2011
Pimlico, LondonC
Dan Walwin
21:12 22/07/2011
Hardington, Somerset