The INFOMOMA : A series of live broadcasts by Neal White with the Office of Experiments in relation to God is Great (10-19) – John Latham and Neal White at Portikus in Frankfurt.

The INFOMOMA project is an experimental system centered around a 14 metre high data palm tree installed on the Portikus island for the duration of the exhibition. It draws upon Latham's proposal for the Museum of Modern Art's 1970 exhibition Information and his idea to 'make a device which does less than any known amount.' INFOMOMA includes the 'Skoob' performances, drawing upon Latham's 'Skoob Tower Ceremonies', slow burnings of book towers constructed with books and magazines, including volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica, which Latham initiated throughout his life at different intervals and in different sites from the 1960s onwards. Laid out as a series of field experiments, INFOMOMA aims at replacing the singular device, art object or performance event with a distributed, experimental system or event structure. INFOMOMA uses a temporal framework to relate such event-structures to the vast multi-billion dollar spatial infrastructures required by the techno-scientific industrial complex to pursue a trajectory towards the least, the smallest known amount1.

1. At the end of Johns Latham's life, this was expressed in scientific and mathematical terms as 10-19, a formula he also used to describe God.