Sarah Tripp: 24 Stops
in partnership with Camden Arts Centre
LIVE Friday 13 – Saturday 14 December, 12.00pm – 12.00pm

24 Stops was a new work by Sarah Tripp commissioned by Camden Arts Centre. 24 Stops was a series of short videos marking the passing of the day. Field Broadcast presented the Stops over 24 hours as a series of hourly chimes that were received using our software.

The work could be viewed using the desktop application. Once downloaded a clock appeared in the middle of the screen waiting for noon on the 13th of December. On every hour between 12pm on the 13th and 12pm on the 14th of December a window popped up in the middle of the screen and played one of the 24 Stops.

24 Stops was commissioned as part of the Radio Writing residency programme: a collaboration between Camden Arts Centre and UCLH Arts. The 24 Stops are constructed from 16mm film transferred to HD video, percussion and vocal performance. This downloadable application was produced in Partnership with Field Broadcast. Percussion was performed by Fritz Welch, Nichola Scrutton and Mark Vernon; sound recording by Iain Donnelly; editing by Rob Kennedy and audio composition by Nichola Scrutton. Thank you to Ben Roberts and Guy Noble.